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Expand your business, increase your product range, boost cash flow. Get funded quickly & track your imports with our easy to use open trade finance platform.

We’re here to help you fund your deals

Our application process is fast and friction free.  With a dedicated account manager and access to our international trade finance platform you can track your transaction from order to delivery allowing you to focus on your business.



Coffee Importer

“Zemit helped us to fund some great deals.  The tracking platform made the transaction transparent and reduced our administration costs”.

Coffee importer based in Dubai.

Finance is the lubricant of international trade

Zemit brings additional liquidity to international trade finance.  Our open trade platform simplifies a complex process.

Blockchain Is The Future

We have started the next stage of our platform development. It features Blockchain technology in the form of a fully secure, compliant & private Digital Ledger Technology (DLT).  This will provide additional efficiencies to the process saving you both time and money.

The incorporation of DLT technology will bring efficiencies to a process that is today complex, paper based, cumbersome and inefficient.


Zemit provides a new stream of funding to lubricate international trade. 



What is international trade finance?

International trade finance or simply trade finance is the financing of trade between parties located in different countries.  The parties are primarily the buyer, the importer and the seller, the exporter.Example of International Trade FinanceBy way of an...

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Risks of international trade finance

Risks Associated With International Trade FinanceWhen discussing risks associated with international trade finance it can be difficult to separate risks in terms of international trade finance and international trade.  Risks associated with international...

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Different types of letters of credit

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